VIMATIZO I,  Boarding House  with a capacity of nine people .
The Boarding House is an establishment  where  disabled  people can reside so that  institutionalization or isolation can be prevented  by offering either a long stay or even  for life.
The construction  of the building  began in 2012 and completed early in  2014 with funds from the NSRF. It is located on Alexander Street in the city of Kilkis .
It provides guests with all  necessary support services and in particular will ensure:
• Healthy, safe and comfortable stay. Each tenant has its own  room with en-suite  bath  and  appropriate furniture.
• Healthy and balanced diet which will be in house  prepared  with tenant participation, taking into account as far as possible their preferences .
The main concern of the Association of Parents of Disabled “Vimatizo ” is to
respect  individual personality and the fundamental right to an independent and dignified life with active membership in a social environment .