Farming Workshop


Farming Workshop for the  disabled

The Association of Parents of Disabled N.KILKIS ” Vimatizo ” and its scientific staff, well recognize the importance of people with disabilities to get involved  in activities that stimulate their creativity and skills. We therefore have  created the Farming Workshop. For its implementation, resources from the program ” Youth in Action ” were initially utilized. Today the program is self-supported using its own resources..

The contact with nature and the environment , creates a feeling of calm and helps emotional uplift of participants, reducing anxiety.

Our goal :

- To engage disabled  people with new items and especially with nature , which in future could provide opportunities for professional activity .

- To contribute to the promotion of active participation of these people and to show respect for the rights and values ​​of people with fewer opportunities . People learn  to work together, set common goals and develop their relations .

-To familiarize the community with disabilities, combat social exclusion and contribute to socialization and integration.

- To develop their self-esteem because they feel useful and productive.